I should’ve known better….

I should’ve known better ( I think that’s a song ). Should have known better than to get my hopes up over a football match. Let me take you back to last Tuesday night, the big game in National League North, my team North Ferriby United vs Nuneaton Town ( Boro to those of a certain age ). 2nd vs 1st, top of the table clash, 6 pointer and all the other cliche’s.

Gathered behind the dugouts at out usual spot, a sense of anticipation was in the air ( another for the Cliche Bingo ). A great opportunity for Ferriby to carry on their recent impressive form, only 2 defeats all season, and 10 clean sheets along the way. This start to the season was more than we could have hoped for at the start of the season, given the way the previous season had finished. Just 6 weeks after winning the FA Trophy at Wembley, the owners announced the club was up for sale, and a period of uncertainty gripped the club. The 15/16 season started with a few faces missing from the squad, but with a few “unknowns” brought in to bolster it. Any doubts from the regulars on the terrace, me included, were soon put to bed as a fantastic start led us to the above mentioned fixture.

So to the game itself. I don’t want this to read as a match report, that’s really not my thing, partly due to my poor attention span, and partly down to the fact that sometimes the game is secondary to the day itself, and the interaction on the terrace with fellow like-minded souls. As the title of this piece is one of dejection, I think it’s safe to say the night didn’t go our way. A 2-1 defeat to the best side I’ve seen us play this year. A young lad on the wing for the visitors was a standout ( ex-Forest centre half Steve Chettles son ) and our own inability to string anything of quality together, bar the move that led to our equaliser, saw us heading home deflated. The top spot will have to wait for another week ! No point leading the table too early…….

As the title say’s, I should have known better. 35 years of watching Professional / Semi Pro football ( Hull City and now Ferriby ) should teach me about getting my hopes up, that this game of ours is ever straight forward. But I’ll be back at the next game, with the same hopes and dreams. It’s what being a fan is all about. And if this blog proves popular ( my first ever ) I may well indulge myself on you again in the near future.

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